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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is an indispensable tool throughout the entire pharmaceutical chain, from drug discovery, development and manufacturing, to optimising patient care. International regulatory standards demand that the pharmaceutical and biomedicines industries consistently produce highly pure drug substances. Understanding their chemical and molecular structures and any impurities using cryogen free benchtop NMR methods is vital from research through to quality control in commercial manufacturing.

Our X-Pulse Benchtop NMR spectrometers and MQC+ Time Domain NMR industrial analyser solutions help address the critical analytical challenges in pharmaceuticals, biopharma and biomedicine. From fighting pandemics, finding cures for currently terminal illness, or just relieving a headache, the world now relies on these industries pushing boundaries to keep its people and economies healthy.

Discovery, Development and Scale-Up

In drug development, benchtop NMR spectrometers provide direct analysis of the structure of small molecule pharmaceuticals in the lab, without the use of liquid nitrogen and helium needed for traditional high field instruments.

Applications for benchtop NMR in pharmaceutical manufacturing include raw material testing, purity assessment, reference standard qualification, and determination of impurities or solvent content. The small size and placement flexibility of benchtop NMR instruments make them ideal for scale-up and process development. For in-line or near line Process Analytical Technology (PAT), benchtop NMR provides real-time process feedback from endpoint determination and kinetics studies to identification of intermediates.

Manufacturing Consistency and Quality Control

In quality control, whether you face challenges testing potency, product uniformity, or moisture content, benchtop NMR provides solutions for pharmaceutical products ranging in size from small molecules to polymers. Recently developed time domain NMR methods are being applied for whole new classes of materials from biologics to arterial stent medical devices. Ensuring authenticity and identifying counterfeit drugs are critical to ensure quality patient care and brand integrity. With techniques including our unique pattern matching and outlier detection algorithms for NMR spectra and relaxation data analyses that non-destructively determine in-vial product authenticity and stability, benchtop NMR offers rapid, robust quality assurance for pharmaceuticals.

Point of Care Diagnostics and Metabolomics

Beyond pharmaceuticals and medical devices, benchtop NMR has the potential to assist patient care. Recent publications highlight benchtop NMR’s potential as a point of care diagnostic tool not only for managing chronic or longer-term illness, but also the metabolomic changes that signal impending disease onset, potentially allowing intervention to prevent healthcare issues before they even manifest.

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