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OiService – We’ll give you peace of mind with your HyperSense

OiService HyperSense support plans offer options to best suit your support and service requirements. The plans will maximise system uptime, reduce service and maintenance costs, prevent unplanned interruption and extend the life of your instrument.

Our highly skilled service engineers provide rapid support and world-wide coverage from our service hubs in the UK and USA and are backed by technical experts to ensure your critical needs are given the highest priority.

OiService provides

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Service PlansBronzeSilverSilver PlusGold
Priority Helpdesk support by telephone & emailYYYY
Annual Preventative Maintenance Visit costs includedNYYY
Emergency Breakdown visit costs included NN1 Visit (Maximum 5 days)2 Visits (maximum 10 days)
Breakdown service Labour 10% discount15% Discount20% DiscountY
Breakdown Service Parts10% discount15% discount20% DiscountY
Shipping Costs – Confirmed in Quotation NNYY
Travel time, costs and expenses for breakdown service visitNYYY
Response Time Confirmed on receipt of Purchase Order 20 Business Days on receipt of Purchase order15 Business Days10 Business Days
Discount on additional parts.10%15%20%25%
Priority Response over non Service Plan Agreement customerPriorityHigher priorityHighest priorityHighest


OiService provide an upgrade to the HyperSense rotary pump. This upgrade is an additional booster pump that increases the pumping speed to reduce the VTI pressure. This will allow you to polarise at temperatures lower than 1.4K and achieve higher polarisation levels.

HyperSense Upgrade

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