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OiService support plans give options to best suit your support and service requirements. The plans will maximise system uptime, reduce service and maintenance costs, prevent unplanned interruption and extend the life of your instrument.

Our highly skilled service engineers provide rapid support and world-wide coverage from our service hubs in the UK and USA and are backed by technical experts to ensure your critical needs are given the highest priority.

OiService provides

MQC | MQC+ | MQ-Auto Support
Service PlansStandardPremiumComprehensive
Priority Helpdesk support – Telephone, TeamViewer and email.YYY
Software Updates – Same Version revisionsYYY
Software Upgrades – New Version update - new functionalityYYY
Annual Preventative Maintenance and Calibration visitNYY
Breakdown service Labour-5%-10%Y
Breakdown service Parts-5%-10%Y
Travel time, costs and expenses for breakdown service visitNNY
Priority Response over non-Service Plan Agreement customerPriorityHigher priorityHighest priority
Reduction if renewed within the plan period5%5%5%


We’re currently offering an upgrade path for MQCs that were shipped with Windows 7, 32-bits to the MQC+ running Windows 10 64-bits.  The other benefits of the new MQC+ over the MQC include:

  • Latest model with long term support.
  • Fast magnet temperature recovery after short power outages.
  • Updated and expanded diagnostics utilities.
  • Future software upgradeability
  • MQ-Auto sample automation compatibility
  • New high performance spectrometer for research measurements

 Find out more about upgrading from an MQC to an MQC+ here.

MQC Upgrade


We supply a range of high quality accessories and consumables tailored for each application. All our accessories and consumables are designed to be compatible with our sample holders (probes) and conditioning blocks.

The tubes and other sample containers are manufactured to give no NMR signal guaranteeing accurate and repeatable measurements.

Please get in touch if you wish to increase your capability or are running low on supplies.

MQC Consumables

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