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OiService – We’ll give you peace of mind with your X-Pulse and Pulsar

OiService support plans offer options to best suit your support and service requirements. The plans will maximise system uptime, reduce service and maintenance costs, prevent unplanned interruption and extend the life of your instrument.

Our highly skilled service engineers provide rapid support and world-wide coverage from our service hubs in the UK and USA and are backed by technical experts to ensure your critical needs are given the highest priority.

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Service PlansStandardPremiumComprehensive
Priority Helpdesk support – Telephone, TeamViewer and email.YYY
OI Software Updates – Same Version revisionsYYY
OI Software Upgrades – New Version update - new functionalityYYY
Annual Preventative Maintenance and Calibration visitNYY
Breakdown service Labour-5%-10%Y
Breakdown service Parts-5%-10%Y
Travel time, costs and expenses for breakdown service visitNNY
Priority Response over non-Service Plan Agreement customerPriorityHigher priorityHighest priority
Reduction if renewed within the plan period5%5%5%


X-Auto is a 25 position autosampler that can be easily retro-fitted to X-Pulse to:

  • Maximise the efficiency of your instrument
  • Save time by increasing throughput and automating data collection
  • Enable unattended operation
  • Allow your system to be fully programmable – switch between nuclei and vary any parameter between samples

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Broadband Probe

Expand the range and complexity of molecules and compounds you analyse. Add the broadband probe to characterise the full range of NMR active nuclei. This upgrade will allow you to:

  • Comprehensively characterise structure and properties of complex systems including battery electrolytes
  • Extend the materials you can analyse ranging from platinum catalysts to aluminium containing pharmaceuticals
  • Accelerate your workflows assessing all active nuclei on your X-Pulse
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External Lock Probe

Say goodbye to costly deuterated solvents with a deuterium external lock probe upgrade*

  • Reduce cost per experiment run by using protonated solvent
  • Run reaction monitoring experiments without modification
  • Speed up experiments as there is no need to wait for the lock for every new sample
  • Enable neat sample analysis, perfect for enhancing most liquid sample measurements from polymers to battery electrolytes

*May require existing probe to be returned to our production facility

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We offer various upgrades for the Pulsar including both software and hardware such as:

  • The capacity to run inverse experiments (such as HSQC, HMBC)
  • Probes with higher SNR and enhanced resolution

Your instrument can also be returned to the factory for more advanced upgrades such as 13C or 31P.

If you want to measure additional nuclei with better resolution, you may want to consider trading in your Pulsar for our new X-Pulse, the world's first broadband benchtop NMR spectrometer.

Pulsar Upgrade

Consumables and Accessories

We supply various consumables and accessories for the Pulsar including standard 5mm NMR tubes, extra data processing workstation and extra Mnova licenses. 

An optional custom trolley for easy portability is available for all Pulsar models.

Please contact us using the form below for more information and to order.

Pulsar Consumables and Accessories

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