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MQC+ Fat Analyser

Easier, faster, more accurate analysis of food

Time domain NMR is used to measure oil (and moisture), solid fat content and droplet size in many factories world-wide. Samples are measured as is without extraction or other alteration therefore results are more consistent than methods which rely upon an operator to follow a procedure with multiple steps or use their judgement to determine the correct result.

The MQC+ Fat Analyser can be used to measure:

For high throughput analysis and more responsive process control.

Less prone to calibration disruption due to sample granularity, air voids, colour or composition.

Simple intuitive software, suitable for unskilled users, which guides the operator through the analysis.

Users can easily carry out routine cleaning to ensure consistent results.

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TD-NMR is a bulk measurement technique which detects all the fat in the sample, not just on the surface.


No hazardous solvents or chemicals involved

The MQC+ does not require solvents which are hazardous to use and costly to dispose of.



Instrument can measure fat in a variety of foods but can also be upgraded for solid fat analysis of edible oils/fats.


The same sample may be measured repeatedly by the MQC+, or analysed by a destructive method.

Minimal sample preparation

Simply transfer the sample into a tube, weigh, condition then analyse in seconds.


Simple linear calibration

Easy to set-up and maintain calibrations; no complicated or ‘black box’ calibrations.



May be networked for LIMS access.



There are a variety of glass and polymer sample container options available. Calibration maintenance samples are included with the MQC+ Fat Analyser.

Polymer sample containers and holder

Calibration maintenance samples

Vial, packing tool, vial and holder


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