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MQC+ Oilseed Analyser

Easier, Faster, More Accurate Oilseed Analysis

Time-domain NMR (TD-NMR) is accepted throughout the world for determining the oil and water in seeds (ISO 10565), and residues after crushing (ISO 10632). In particular, it has value:

Two versions of the MQC+ are available for this application:

For high throughput of samples and greater control of your production.

Less prone to calibration disruption due to different seed size, colour, origin etc.

Simple intuitive software, suitable for unskilled users, which guides the operator through the analysis.

Users can carry out routine cleaning to ensure consistent results.

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Standard Method

TD-NMR is used in the ISO 10565 method, which has been adopted by FOSFA (Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations).

Minimal sample preparation

Simply transfer the sample into a tube, weigh then analyse in seconds. It can be measured ‘as-is’ without grinding.


TD-NMR is a bulk measurement technique and so measures all the oil in the sample regardless of the particle size. TD-NMR is the method of choice for sunflower seeds since it is unaffected by colour; as such it is used as an official USDA GIPSA method

High throughput

Auto-weighing feature improves the ergonomics of analysis on the MQC+ Large Seed Analyser; this allows operators to measure 100’s of samples per day.

No hazardous solvents or chemicals involved

The MQC+ does not require solvents which are hazardous to use & costly to dispose of.


The same sample may be measured repeatedly by the MQC+, analysed by a destructive method, used for growing or preserved.

Automation option

Automated analysis of up to 125 samples using the MQC+ Small Seed Analyser with MQ-Auto.

Simple linear calibration

Oil and water calibrations may be obtained using just three samples.


A range of sample sizes are available on both the Large and Small Seed Analyser.


The range of probe sizes and associated sample sizes are given in the table below:

MQC+ ModelSample size (Diameter / Volume)Typical applications
Large Seed analyser51 mm / 80 ml and 40 mm / 40 mlLarge seeds and nuts, e.g. sunflower, soy, groundnut (peanut), almond, castor, jatropha. Large volumes of rape and linseed.
Small Seed Analyser26 mm / 14 ml and 18 mm / 8 mlSmall volumes, single seeds (e.g. corn, jatropha) and automation.
10 mm / 1 ml and 5 mm / 0.2 mlSingle seeds and small seed volumes (e.g. arabidopsis, camelina for research).

To increase laboratory productivity and efficiency, the MQC+ Small Seed Analyser can be used with the MQ-Auto sample automation system (8 or 14ml volumes only). The MQ-Auto is based around a high-performance robot arm and a range of sample racks and conditioning stations. A balance is required and the bar code reader (for sample identification) is strongly recommended for this application. Watch the MQ-Auto in action.

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