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Seed Oil Yield Cost Benefit Analysis

Optimising Seed Oil Yield Using MQC+ Oilseed Analyser

Vegetable oils are produced by crushing of oilseeds and solvent extraction from resulting residue. The efficiency of the process can be monitored by measuring the oil content of the incoming oilseed and comparing with the oil content of the residues after pressing and after solvent extraction. 

Our benchtop NMR analyser, MQC+, provides a fast, simple and accurate method of measuring oil and water content without the need for solvent extraction and oven drying which are slow, labour intensive and require skilled operator.

Download the article to learn:

  • How time domain can improve productivity of oilseed crushing and extraction.
  • How time domain NMR can save time and money compared to Soxhlet analysis

Article: Optimising seed oil yield by in-process testing using MQC+ Oilseed Analyser

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