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MQC+ Spin Finish Analyser

Easier, Safer, More Accurate Analysis of Spin Finish

Over the years the fibre and textile industries have been developing a wider array of products using a variety of polymers and coatings. The performance of those products are optimized for a particular application. Time Domain Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (TD-NMR) methods are being developed to meet the requirements of those products and they can be applied to a variety of products such as yarn, monofilaments, staple fibre, textiles and non-wovens. The measurables include:

For high throughput of samples and greater control of your production.

Good repeatability enables accurate measurements at low concentrations.

Simple intuitive software, suitable for unskilled users, guides the operator through the analysis.

Users can carry out routine cleaning to ensure consistent results.

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Industry accepted method

Used in 100s of factories world-wide. Allows rapid data collection for process optimisation (Design of Experiment), changes to and control of multiple lines.


Minimal sample preparation

Simply transfer the sample into a tube, weigh then analyse in seconds. No sample preparation is required.



The same instrument may be used to make a variety of measurements; an additional or different probe will be required to measure fluorinated coatings.


NMR is a bulk measurement technique and so measures all of the oil on the sample.

Simple linear calibration

Calibrations may be obtained using just three reference samples.

No hazardous solvents or chemicals

The NMR method does not require solvents which are hazardous to use and costly to dispose of. In addition, it does not create high temperatures or pressures.



The same sample may be measured repeatedly by NMR, but also analysed by other techniques.


Automation option

Automated analysis of up to 125 samples using the MQC+ with the MQ-Auto.



A range of probe sizes and associated sample sizes are available:

MQC+ ModelSample size (Diameter / Volume)Options
Spin Finish Analyser, standard package18mm / 7mlLong 18mm glass tubes
Long 18mm FEP tubes
Short 18mm FEP/PTFE cartridges
Spin Finish Analyser, advanced package26mm /14mlLong 26mm glass tubes
Long 26mm FEP tubes
Short 26mm FEP/PTFE cartridges

To increase laboratory productivity and efficiency, the MQC+ Spin Finish Analyser can be used with the MQ-Auto sample automation system. The MQ-Auto is based around a high-performance robot arm and a range of sample racks and conditioning stations. A balance is required for the weighing method, for which the bar code reader is strongly recommended for sample identification Watch the MQ-Auto in action.


A variety of holders are available for different sizes and types of sample (e.g. fibres, textiles, nonwovens), coatings (e.g. oil-, fluorine- and polymer-based) and other requirements (e.g. glass-free, automation); calibration maintenance samples are also available for oil-based coatings.

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