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MQC+ Easier, safer, more accurate analysis of coatings in the textile industry

MQC+ NMR Analysers are the global industry standard for fast, precise, quality control of oil and polymer-based coatings in textile manufacturing. Spin Finish, also referred to as Oil Pick Up (OPU), Finish on Fiber (FOF), or Finish on Yarn (FOY) can now be measured in under 1 minute.

Used for yarn, monofilaments, staple fibres, polymer fibres, nonwovens, technical textiles and many other products, the table below highlights measurement examples:

Coating Type
Oil-Based Coatings
Spin finish applied to reduce static electricity and friction during processing and enhance physical properties for end use.
Fluorinated Coatings
Teflon added for fire retardance (clothing) and easy cleaning (carpets)
Elastomeric Coatings (e.g. latex)
Rubber on tyre cord, promotes better adherence with tyre rubber
Additional Coating Application - Finish Removal
Bandages, medical fabrics prior to applying another coating (e.g. mosquito repellent)

Our Spin-Finish analysers and related Time Domain NMR (TD-NMR) solutions optimise fibre, yarn and fabric properties including: lubrication to reduce surface friction and electrostatic charge; soil, stain and water resistance; fire retardance; and, adherence or binding properties. This increases manufacturing process yield, reduces cost and accelerates new product development. By replacing hazardous wet chemical or solvent extraction methods, other major benefits include improved operator health, workplace safety, and environmental sustainability.

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