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MQC+ Easier, safer, more accurate analysis of coatings in the textile industry

Over the years the fibre and textile industries have been developing a wider array of products using a variety of polymers and coatings; and the performance of those products are optimized for a particular application. Likewise, Time Domain Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (TD-NMR) methods are being developed to meet the requirements of those products. Thus, they can be applied to a variety of products including, but not exclusively, yarn, monofilaments, staple fibre, textiles and non-wovens for the following:

Oil-Based Coatings
Spin finish applied to reduce static electricity and friction during processing and enhance physical properties for end use.
Fluorinated Coatings
Teflon added for fire retardance (clothing) and easy cleaning (carpets)
Elastomeric Coatings (e.g. latex)
Rubber on tyre cord, promotes better adherence with tyre rubber
Finish Removal
Bandages, medical fabrics prior to applying another coating (e.g. mosquito repellent)
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