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Measuring Liquid Coatings, including Spin Finish, on Fibres & Fabrics

The efficient processing of fibres, which are further processed into yarns and in turn woven or knitted to produce textiles, is dependent on a number of properties including the coefficient of surface friction and electrostatic charge. Control of these properties is achieved by applying a carefully controlled amount of an oil-based coating onto the fibres.

These liquid coatings are applied at a variety of stages in the manufacturing process, sometimes as early as fibre extrusion in synthetic fibre manufacture, but sometimes as late as application to woven or non-woven fabrics.

Measuring liquid coatings, including Spin Finish, on fibres & fabrics For more information

Liquid coatings are known by a variety of names, such as: Spin Finish (SF), Finish on Fibre (FoF), Oil Pick-Up (OPU), Carding Lubricant, Carding Oil, Staple Fibre Finish (SFF), Texturising Oil, Coning Oil, Finish on Yarn (FoY), Lubricant on Thread (LoT), Yarn Lubricant (LY).

Application of the correct amount of liquid coating is critical for both performance and economic reasons. Too much coating can lead to insufficient inter-fibre cohesion, buildup on downstream machinery, uncontrolled fibre behaviour, problems with downstream processes such as dyeing, and, of course, too much coating is an unnecessary increase in cost in a very cost-sensitive industry. Conversely, too little coating leads to problems from excessive friction, likely to cause yarn breakage, excessive static charge build-up, causing erratic fibre behaviour, and uncontrolled performance in downstream processes.

Our Benchtop NMR Analyser, MQC+, has numerous advantages over traditional solvent extraction and other instruments on the market for the measurement of oil-based coatings including:

In addition, the MQC+ may also be used to measure: fluorinated coatings, elastomeric coatings, such as rubber, fibre crystallinity and finish removal, critical for certain applications or prior to further treatments.

Application Note: Measuring Liquid Coatings on Fibres and Fabrics

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