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X-Pulse NMR Spectroscopy Videos

On resonance: in conversation with Dr Dave Ellis

New X-Pulse

X-Pulse Flow

Monitor your reactions with X-Pulse

QIB Extra's Coffee Authentication Service

On resonance: in conversation with Prof P. Wilson

X-Pulse X-Nuclei

Measure Spectra in Seconds with X-Pulse

3 Nuclei in under 2 minutes Benchtop NMR

Tackling food fraud with benchtop NMR

MQC+ Videos


MQC+ - Analysing Oil and Water in Oilseeds

Measuring Solid Fat Content using MQC+

MQC+ Oil and Fat in Food

MQC+ Spin Finish

MQ-Auto: sample automation for MQC+


Learn more from your reservoir

Using Benchtop NMR to measure Capillary Pressure