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Benchtop NMR Systems As Food And Agriculture Quality Control Equipment Solutions

Quality control for consistency of food products from field to fork is of prime concern to manufacturers and consumers alike. Making products that look, smell and taste good ensures consumers come back for more. So, with an ever-growing population demanding more food products than ever before, simple instrumental test methods are required to provide quick and reproducible data from the field to the factory via the shopping cart to the consumer.

For example, the measurement of oil and fats are invaluable in the control of many foods, particularly in snack food products such as potato chips. In a similar way, the quality of the margarine may be judged its solid fat content using a rapid measurement which will determine its melting behaviour and spreadability whilst measurement of droplet size determines its sensory properties and microbiological stability. While on the farm, oil in seeds is vital to productivity and yield, ultimately dictating the price the farmer is paid for his products.

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