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Measuring Fluoride in Toothpaste using MQC+

One of the most important consumer healthcare products is toothpaste. The majority of toothpastes contain fluorides, an important additive used to reduce the incidence of tooth decay. Modern toothpastes are designed to do more than just clean teeth. Hence, they contain many additives, either for health or for cosmetic reasons, such as components to prevent tooth decay, colorants, flavours and preservatives. Fluorine containing compounds (fluorides) are important additives of modern toothpastes as they protect the enamel by decreasing the number of bacteria and preventing demineralising of teeth.

Toothpastes are subject to regulation as a healthcare product rather than as a cosmetic. This means there are strict regulations on the amount of fluorine permitted. It is therefore essential to make frequent, accurate measurements of fluorine concentration during manufacture and in the final product.

Our benchtop NMR analyser, MQC+, offers fast, accurate measurements which are routinely used for production control in manufacturing plants of many of the world’s leading healthcare companies.

Application Note: Measurement of Fluoride Content in Toothpaste

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