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Solving industrial challenges with benchtop NMR

Benchtop NMR can be used to solve a broad range of industrial challenges from R&D, to process development and finally to quality control. Our X-Pulse broadband benchtop NMR spectrometer provides practical solutions in many fields, from understanding diffusion in battery electrolytes to determining the structure of small molecule pharmaceuticals.

The unique combination of true multi-nuclei broadband NMR on the bench combined with flow and variable temperature capabilities, allows the X-Pulse to greatly extend the range of potential benchtop NMR applications.

For over 25 years, our comprehensive range of time domain NMR instruments, including the MQC+, MQR, and GeoSpec, has been ensuring production quality in many industries including food, agriculture, textiles, pharma, and petrochemical, and we continue to find exciting new practical applications.

Industrial problem solving

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Broadband Benchtop NMR

Whatever your application, ensuring that you have the right conditions and optimum set-up is crucial to solving your particular analytical challenge. X-Pulse, our latest development in benchtop NMR, gives you the capabilities you need. With a broadband X-channel to pick the exact nuclei of interest, variable temperature to measure at the optimal conditions, and flow NMR to measure reactions as they happen, X-Pulse covers all your experimental needs. 


Bringing broadband to your benchtop

  • Choose your nuclei – broadband available from 29Si to 31P, including 13C, 11B, 23Na, and 7Li
  • True variable temperature operation available from 20 – 60 °C
  • Flow NMR available
  • Solvent suppression experiments included
  • Gradient and shaped pulse experiments included
  • Easy operation for users of all experience levels
  • Modular design for upgradability
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The MQC+ NMR analyser measures 1H and 19F in a variety of solid and liquid samples, typically in quality control applications in a wide range of industries including polymers, food, and pharma.

  • 23 and 5 MHz TD-NMR systems
  • 10-26 and 40-60 mm probes
  • Variable temperature options
  • Autosampler with integrated balance and barcode reader


The MQR is a low resolution, high performance TD-NMR research system designed for applications based on relaxation and/or diffusion measurements.

  • 20 MHz TD-NMR system
  • 10, 18, and 26 mm probes
  • Pulsed field gradients options
  • Variable temperature options
  • Measure T1, T1ρ, T2, and diffusion
  • User-programmable


The GeoSpec is the industry standard NMR rock core analyser for measuring petrophysical parameters.

  • 2, 12, and 20 MHz TD-NMR systems
  • Up to 6-inch diameter probes
  • Pulsed field gradients options
  • P5 cell available
  • Exclusive Green Imaging Technologies software
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