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Benchtop NMR Spectroscopy for Industry

Quality Control of Raw Materials in the Chemical Industry

NMR spectroscopy is an analytical technique familiar to most chemists working in industry and academia, and is a vital part of today’s chemistry, biochemistry, food and pharmaceuticals research. NMR enables fast identification of most organic substances by determining their chemical structure and can often quantify the amount of a specific substance in samples. Benchtop NMR spectrometers use permanent magnets instead of the cryogen cooled superconducting magnets used in high field NMR instruments. They are consequently much smaller, easier to maintain and cheaper to run and can take over routine work previously carried out using high field NMR instruments or complementary analytical techniques (e.g. FTIR, NIR, GC-MS and some chromatography techniques). Instruments can be placed in a laboratory or test facility and can also be moved on a trolley to different factory locations. This now makes benchtop NMR spectroscopy an ideal technique for Quality Control (QC) of raw materials, for in line process monitoring and end product Quality Assurance (QA).

Article: Quality Control of Raw Materials in the Chemical Industry

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