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Measuring Oil and Water in Seeds using MQC+

The breeding, cultivation and processing of seeds to obtain vegetable oil is a major global industry. Oils derived in this manner are used in foodstuffs, the manufacture of biofuels and as a chemical feedstock for many products. The amount of oil and water in seeds needs to be measured at all stages of the industry from plant breeding through commercial agriculture to milling and processing.

The MQC+ Oilseed Analysers provide a fast, simple and accurate method of measuring oil and water content without the need for solvent extraction and oven drying which are slow, labour intensive and require skilled operator. Furthermore, they are not affected by colour or grain size and do not require extensive calibration with 100s of samples.

The MQC+ test complies with: ISO-10565 for oil and water in seeds, ISO-10632 for oil and water in seed residue and is USDA-GIPSA approved for the measurement of sunflower seeds.

By downloading this application note, you will learn:

  • How time domain NMR can be used to analyse different types and volumes of oilseed.
  • The advantages of time domain NMR in comparison to other methods.
  • The key features and benefits of the MQC+ Oilseed Analyser.

Application Note: Measurement of Oil and Water in Seeds According to ISO 10565 1998

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