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X-Pulse Flow Cell

Live reaction control & mechanistic studies have never been easier

• Good sensitivity even at higher flow rates​

• Immediate reaction control without deadtime​

• Quick, easy flow cell and probe exchange

• Long term, temperature independent, stability 

• External lock for non-deuterated solvent​s

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Watch the flow cell in action:

The X-Pulse flow cell features a user-selectable external lock, allowing you to run your experiment as you are used to in inexpensive non-deuterated solvent or in no solvent at all.

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Not all reactions are the same and reaction monitoring requires balance between the speed at which a reaction progresses and collecting enough data to actually monitor its progress. The NMR signal will depend on flow rate, with less signal being recorded as you flow faster. However, careful optimisation of both the flow rate and experimental parameter will allow you to collect all the data you need.

The X-Pulse flow system allows you to accurately control your reaction flow rate through the system to ensure that you are able to achieve optimum conditions for monitoring your reactions.

¹H – ¹H COSY of ethyl acetate acquired at flow rates of 1ml/min and 10 ml/min
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Flowing liquid through a benchtop NMR spectrometer will always induce vibrations and temperature fluctuations from the flow action and the difference between the magnet and reactant temperature. X-Pulse has been specifically designed with higher magnet mass and temperature control to better than 0.001°C. This isolates vibrations and minimises temperature fluctuations, ensuring that the only variation you see in your spectra is from the reaction you are monitoring.

Esterification of acetic acid and 2,2,2-trifuloroethanol-trifluoroethanol acquired for over 10 hours at 18°C reaction temperature
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Esterification of acetic acid and ethanol

Esterification of acetic acid and ethanol
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