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Real-time monitoring of ⁷Li and ²³Na using FlowNMR spectroscopy

Improving extraction efficiency of brines

This application note demonstrates the use of FlowNMR spectroscopy for real-time monitoring and quantitative analysis of lithium (7Li) and sodium (23Na) nuclei in lithium extraction processes. With the world's increasing demand for lithium, spurred by the growing lithium-ion battery market, efficient and environmentally sustainable extraction methods are paramount. Approximately 60% of global lithium reserves are found in salt lake brines, necessitating the development of innovative extraction techniques beyond traditional adsorption and membrane technologies.

Utilising our X-Pulse broadband benchtop NMR spectrometer, this study demonstrates continuous, non-invasive monitoring of lithium and sodium concentrations within brine solutions, a useful method of optimising extraction efficiency and sustainability. By enabling precise quantification and dynamic monitoring under flowing conditions, FlowNMR spectroscopy emerges as a powerful tool for advancing lithium extraction methods, significantly contributing to the refinement of battery-grade lithium production and enhancing lithium-ion battery technologies.

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Real-time monitoring of ⁷Li and ²³Na using FlowNMR spectroscopy

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