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X-Pulse SpinFlow

​Powerful and intuitive, the SpinFlow NMR acquisition software enables 

all users to quickly and effectively acquire the data they need. 

Run single click experiments, or your own pulse sequences, and 

control every parameter - the choice is yours. Data is automatically 

output to industry standard processing software to deliver the 

information you need as simply as possible.

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X-Pulse SpinFlow software makes NMR easy for everyone.​

  • ​Walk up and collect 1D and 2D NMR data in one click with pre-set experiments​
  • ​Create your own one-click experiments for your lab, using any pulse sequence and parameters​
  • ​More experienced? Modify any parameters and even write your own pulse sequences​
  • ​One-click setup and maintenance routines simplify your life

SpinFlow Queues let the X-Pulse acquire multiple experiments automatically, freeing up your time​.

  • ​Identify substances or perform structure elucidation by setting up a queue of 1D and/or 2D experiments, push “Start,” and let X-Pulse gather the data you need​
  • ​Run experiments on more than one nucleus, such as ¹H and ¹³C, in the same queue​
  • ​Monitor your reactions easily by choosing sampling intervals and letting X-Pulse time the data points

Once you have your data, X-Pulse provides convenient analysis options:

• Process and analyse your data easily with the industry standard Mestrelab Mnova™ software, provided with every X-Pulse

• Use other industry standard processing software to ensure consistent processing across all your NMR data

• Identify compounds with outstanding accuracy using our optional database and chemometric software

Ease of use is important, but only if your instrument has your data when you need it. We have delivered robust benchtop NMR solutions for more than 25 years, and X-Pulse software is built to keep you up and running.​

  • ​SpinFlow software will not overwrite or delete previously acquired data​
  • Onboard diagnostic software continuously logs more than 50 parameters, allowing fast issue diagnosis​
  • Remote access support software speeds resolutions

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