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NMR Education

Teaching NMR to Undergraduates

Teaching of basic NMR theory is part of the chemistry undergraduate curriculum throughout the world and analysis of NMR data is a fundamental part of most undergraduate chemistry courses. Despite this and in contrast to many other spectroscopic methods, undergraduate students are rarely given the opportunity to operate a spectrometer due to the complexity and cost of the instrumentation. With the advent of the benchtop NMR spectrometer, this has changed. X-Pulse is an affordable, benchtop, cryogen-free NMR spectrometer that offers performance without expensive liquid helium making it suitable for virtually any chemistry laboratory and ideal for teaching NMR to undergraduates.

"Great system – very simple to obtain good quality data whilst still retaining the important aspects of NMR so students gain real hands-on experience of NMR. It also aids and develops students' understanding of the technique."

Dr Ryan Mewis, Lecturer, Division of Chemistry and Environmental Science Manchester Metropolitan University.


Exceed Your Teaching Objectives with Benchtop NMR

In these challenging times, often students cannot gain hands-on experience with key equipment that forms an integral part of their course. Delivering critical laboratory teaching online, while maintaining practical real-time instrument interactivity can be a difficult objective to achieve.

Benchtop NMR is a technique that can deliver teaching objectives remotely through a desktop application connection directly from students’ personal laptop computers to the instrument. Using X-Pulse allows students to:

X-Pulse is a full broadband benchtop NMR spectrometer suitable for both teaching and research. It is equipped with advanced features such as gradients, X-Nuclei capability, flow cells and variable temperature probes commonly found on high field instruments.

All the experiments you need to understand molecular structure

Hands-on experiments for students

Williamson Ether Synthesis Reaction

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Elimination Reaction

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Analysis of the reduction product of 3-nitrobenzaldehyde using X-Pulse

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Nucleophillic Aromatic Substitution Reaction

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Esterification Reaction

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Manchester Metropolitan University: spin-lattice relaxation

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