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Faster, More Accurate Benchtop NMR Rock Core Analysis

Benchtop NMR analyses key properties of rocks, reservoirs and fluids. NMR measures the total oil and water volume, oil and water content, porosity, permeability, capillary pressure, wettability, and fluid saturation. Characterising rock cores at high pressures and under core flooding conditions, our GeoSpec instruments advance Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and the characterisation of carbon dioxide sequestration for the carbon capture and storage (CCS). The GeoSpec is designed to mimic the operation of the NMR logging tools in the lab with high pressure cells that can operate at temperatures to 100 C. 

GeoSpec is the industry standard benchtop NMR rock core analyser, with installations in almost every major oil producer and SCAL laboratory world-wide for core handle samples from ½ to 2 inches diameter. Integrated Green Imaging Technologies (GIT) LithoMetrix software, and comprehensive accessories support all use from routine rock core analysis to advanced petrophysics research without the need for an NMR expert.

The GeoSpec Core Analyser 2 MHz models routinely measure relaxation distributions, allowing the prediction of basic petrophysical parameters such as porosity, free and bound fluid determinations from T₂ values. Higher field (12 and 23 MHz) models address high sensitivity applications including very low porosity samples, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that exploit 3D gradients.

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Industry standard

Chosen by oil companies, service providers and academia worldwide.

Unique information

NMR core analysis provides information on fluid behaviour not available from other techniques.

Wide range of applications

From simple measurements of porosity to fluid typing, capillary pressure, gas isotherms and much more. Get more from your core!

Comprehensive applications software

Exclusive, user-oriented software from Green Imaging Technologies

Three models, to suit all needs

  • 2 MHz to reduce artefacts caused by ferromagnetic material in the samples and to mimic the operation of NMR logging tools.
  • 12 MHz for increased sensitivity on low porosity samples, or to decrease measurement time.
  • 23 MHz for the highest sensitivity measurements on small samples.



Comprehensive analysis with embedded Green Imaging Technologies LithoMetrix software including 2D maps, diffusion studies, capillary pressure, saturation profiles and optional 3D imaging.

Q-Sense technology

For short echo times to see small pores and improve the accuracy of porosity measurements.

Overburden cells

High pressure P5 (5,000 psi, 1.5 inch cores) and P10 cells (10,000 psi, 1 inch cores) for GeoSpec 2 and 12 operate to 100ºC. Enables core flooding experiments just below the maximum confining pressures.

Range of probe sizes

From ½ inch to 2 inches diameter, to maximise efficient measurement of all core sizes.


Project database

Keeps track of all your samples and associated measurements, plus instrument performance and calibration data.

Pulsed field gradients options

Allows advanced measurements such as capillary pressure, saturation profiles and 2D data analysis for fluid typing


ModelOperating frequency (MHz)Maximum sample diameter (mm)GradientsGIT Software Options
GeoSpec LT2329NoneGIT Systems Basic (custom version)
GeoSpec 121253NoneLithoMetrix or GIT Systems Basic
GeoSpec 12/1D12531DGIT Systems Basic or GIT Systems Advanced
GeoSpec 12/3D12533DGIT Systems 3D Imaging
GeoSpec 2253NoneLithoMetrix or GIT Systems Basic
GeoSpec 22531DGIT Systems Basic or GIT Systems Advanced
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