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Quantitative benchtop NMR optimises battery electrolytes

Optimising Battery Electrolytes

In modern lithium-ion battery electrolytes, a mixture of different solvents, additives and salts is employed to achieve desirable properties. The ratio of these components plays a major role in the resulting performance, especially when it comes to small changes in the additive concentration. As NMR is an inherently quantitative method, a reliable quantification of different groups and components in any sample mixture can be carried out. Given correct parameters, such as sufficiently long relaxation delays, the concentration of even trace components can be determined on the X-Pulse benchtop NMR spectrometer. Through specific pulse sequences, overlapping carbon satellites can be supressed to further enhance the accuracy of the experiments.

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Application Note : Quantitative Benchtop NMR Optimises Battery Electrolytes

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