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X-Nuclei NMR Spectroscopy

NMR isn’t all about protons (¹H) although people often primarily think that due to the excellent sensitivity of the nucleus and its wide-ranging uses in organic chemistry. In fact, many more nuclei are NMR sensitive and can be used to build a better picture of your chemistry.¹⁹F-NMR is incredibly useful in applications involving pharmaceuticals to li-ion batteries and has been available on benchtop NMR instruments for many years. A broadband channel, capable of collecting spectra from a variety of different nuclei (so called X-Nuclei), has until now been restricted to high field NMR applications. X-Pulse however, delivers a true tuneable broadband channel to the benchtop for the first time, enabling investigations of systems not easily analysed with just protons. This application note gives an overview of the nuclei which can be probed by the X-Pulse and provides examples of applications. Practical introductions to the spectroscopy of ¹³C, ³¹P, ¹¹B, ²³Na, ⁷Li, ²⁹Si and ⁵⁹Co are given together with spectra obtained on the X-Pulse.  

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Application Note: X-Nuclei NMR Spectroscopy

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