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Rapid screening of street drugs including psychoactive substances

Rapid identification of suspected drugs is important in prisons to reduce harm by allowing appropriate treatment to be given without delay. It can be used to deter the use of illegal substances by providing effective enforcement.

When used by the police service, rapid analysis and identification can be used to expedite charging decisions. It can provide the sample results within custody, impacting directly on numbers of offenders released under investigation or on bail, reducing forensic costs.

What types of samples can be measured?

X-Pulse can measure powders, tablets, tobacco-like materials such as “spice” and substances coated on or impregnated into paper. X-Pulse’s database currently has information on many classes of substances including: cathinones, synthetic cannabinoids, amphetamines, narcotics, fentanyls, steroids, cutting agents, controlled pharmaceuticals and others.

Product Information: X-Pulse for rapid screening of illicit drugs

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