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Measuring Fat & Oil in Food using MQC+

Fat and oil in food play a key role in determining the nutritional value, product quality and consumer appeal of the products in which they are incorporated.

Routine and accurate measurement of the fat and oil in food is also necessary to ensure that products are in compliance with labelling statements.

Our benchtop NMR analyser, MQC+, can cover a wide range of foodstuffs with a concentration measurement range of 0.5-100% oil and fat with almost no effect from sample matrix, granularity or additives such as spices, flavourings, colourants and salt.  Pre-dried and conditioned samples can be measured one after another in a batch and therefore there is no restriction to the number of samples that can be analysed, thereby increasing throughput. In addition, since the method is solvent free it also reduces costs associated with the purchase and disposal of solvents.

Application Note: Determination of Fat and Oil Content in Foodstuffs

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Lab Note: Measuring Fat Content of Dairy Products by NMR

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Case Study: Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to Test Fat Content in Foods

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Measuring Fat & Oil in Food using the MQC+ Benchtop NMR Analyser For more information

Watch the MQC+ Fat in Food Analysis in Action

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