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Webinar: Introduction to Benchtop NMR Spectroscopy

Benchtop NMR is a versatile and powerful tool for analytical chemistry. This webinar covers the basic concepts of NMR and what is easily achievable with the X-Pulse broadband benchtop NMR system.

By watching this webinar you will learn:

• What benchtop NMR is

• What types of data can be collected

• How this data can be used to understand your chemistry

• How X-Pulse allows you to analyse a wide range of nuclei

Webinar: Introduction to Time Domain NMR

Time domain NMR is used for QA/QC applications in the food, oilseeds, textile and other industries; it primarily replaces wet chemical methods for measuring oil/fat content. It is also possible to measure different phases; for example, solid fat content during the melting of edible oils/fats, and amorphous or crystalline content which correlate with various physical and chemical properties of polymers. Time domain NMR can also be used to determine pore and droplet size distributions.

This webinar highlights the basic theory, capabilities and applications of Time Domain NMR for fast, accurate and solvent-free process and quality control.

By watching this webinar you will learn:

• what time domain NMR is

• what time domain NMR can measure

    • where time domain NMR can be used

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