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Optimising battery electrolyte performance & quality with benchtop NMR

Improving the performance and reliability of next generation batteries relies on optimising the current carrying electrolyte solutions inside them. In this interactive webinar, our applications team highlight why benchtop NMR spectroscopy is so significant from raw materials checking, right through the R&D cycle to quality control in battery manufacturing. Using case studies from work with leading manufacturers and academic opinion leaders, we will address how to:

  • Quantify key components in new formulations including salts and additives
  • Rank performance characterising ionic conductivity, diffusion and transference
  • Quickly spot contaminants in electrolyte production
  • Identify the breakdown products causing failure

This webinar will be highly valuable for anyone in industry or academia involved in battery development, manufacturing and failure analysis including:

  • R&D Scientists
  • Laboratory Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Process Engineers and Quality Managers


Dr James Sagar, Oxford Instruments Magnetic Resonance

James Sagar has been Strategic Product and Applications Manager in benchtop NMR at Oxford Instruments. He joined in 2015 as product manager for energy dispersive X-ray analysis, looking after the world’s first EDS detector for electron microscopes capable of detecting Li X-rays. Before this, James carried post-doctoral research at University College London.