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Application Note
Quantitative benchtop NMR optimises battery electrolytes

Optimising Battery Electrolytes

NMR spectroscopy characterises the chemical structure of battery electrolyte solvents and additives. Importantly, quantitative broadband benchtop NMR additionally determines the precise concentrations of solvents, trace impurities, additives, and decomposition products. In this application note, we highlight the relevant quantitative NMR (qNMR) experiments and their importance for optimising next generation battery performance, raw materials checking and improving quality control.

For non-destructive investigations of the chemical nature of materials in the liquid state, NMR spectroscopy is an extremely versatile method employed extensively in research and development. NMR provides information about individual atoms within the compounds, including not only their chemical environment and molecular structure, but also on their quantity. This makes the technique an ideal tool for rapid reaction monitoring and quality control. However, due to the high cost as well as demanding staff and environmental requirements, traditional high-field NMR instruments with their high maintenance superconducting magnets are difficult to integrate into an existing workflow.

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Application Note : Quantitative Benchtop NMR Optimises Battery Electrolytes

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