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Measuring Oil in Wax using MQC+

The measurement of oil in wax is important within the oil refining industry because wax derived from petroleum sources is an important by-product of the oil refining process. These waxes are widely used in the manufacture of many materials and products as they have the ability to confer specific mechanical and physical properties such as flexibility, hardness and friction.

A wide variety of waxes is manufactured with specific characteristics. One of the most critical factors controlling wax properties is the oil content. This means routine measurement of the content of oil in wax is essential for consistent control of the production process.

Our benchtop NMR analyser MQC+ provides a fast, simple and accurate method of measuring oil in wax. The MQC+ may be calibrated to provide results equivalent to ASTM D721-06 and IP 158.

Application Note: Determination of Oil in Wax using MQC+

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