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2D NMR Analysis Using MQR

Measuring Fat, Solid Fat And Water Content In Food

Time Domain NMR (TD-NMR) has been used to measure fat, solid fat and water content in food manufacturing QA/QC for many decades. Similarly, NMR relaxometry and diffusion measurements have been used in research to study food and related systems.

Our high performance TD-NMR research system, MQR, can be used for both the standard QC applications (fat content, solid fat content and droplet size) as well as standard T1 and T2 relaxometry. Furthermore, there are software options to run and process advanced 2-Dimensional experiments, such as T1-T2 and T2-Diffusion, often used to investigate multi-component systems containing water and fat. Hardware options are available for different experiments and sample sizes; the temperature may be stabilised as required for the experiment, or varied to simulate different processing conditions.

This article was originally published in LABinsights, September 2018.

LABinsights: TD-NMR analysis of dairy products at Friesland Campina

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