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Support and Warranty Contracts

We provide a wide range of service contracts, ranging from support cover to extended warranty allowing full financial control and preventing unplanned, unbudgeted repair bills.

Extended Warranty: One-year warranty extensions and fixed-term three-year extended warranty options are available:

  • Priority shipment on all required parts
  • The extended warranty price per year can be lower than the purchase price of a single major component part
  • Maximized efficiency with minimum downtime

OiService Support Contracts

Ranging from basic cover right up to fully comprehensive support:

  • Periodic maintenance within a service support contract is proven to reduce your cost of ownership and prolongs the lifetime of your investment
  • Multiyear contracts offer a massive saving and can be less expensive and better value than a single incident of failure
  • Simpler financial planning for your business with only one pre-planned budgeted cost to consider instead of unplanned breakdown bills
  • Priority call out plan

All of our contracts provide total assurance and confidence in using the first class skills and wide knowledge of our engineers based on hundreds of accumulated hours looking after customers worldwide.For details please contact

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