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Increase your productivity and ensure the future of your QA/QC with MQC+

Increase your efficiency

MQC+ is fully compatible with MQ-Auto for automated analysis of up to 125 samples. Just set up the samples and go!

Increase your understanding

Higher performance spectrometer which can collect 128,000+ data points per experiment (vs. 4096 on the MQC); provides enhanced capability for research applications.

Increase your security

In response to Microsoft announcing that support to Windows 7 would end in January 2020*, the MQC+ has been designed to operate a version of MS Windows 10, 64 bits which will receive long term support and will be compatible with all future QC software upgrades.

Decrease your downtime

Updated and expanded diagnostics which are continuously logged and recorded in a database. This information can be viewed by an engineer via email, or remote access, to review the history and health of your instrument and get you back up and running quickly.

Increase your compliance

In addition to contributing to the elimination of solvent/chemical use, the MQC+ complies with the EU RoHS legislation which prescribes the maximum levels of harmful chemicals found in the electrical/electronic components.

*For further information on the Microsoft support announcement, please visit the Microsoft website: